Curious about me?

me maltaMy name is Camelia and I think I have become some kind of globetrotter. I moved from Bucharest to Brussels, from Brussels to London and soon I will take my stuff and head off Amsterdam. I have travelled quite a lot in the last years and I plan to see new countries, meet more people, and collect sensational stories.

In my journeys, I’ve had some unexpected experiences. Some of them made me cry, some of them made me smile. What I know is that, after a while, I can narrate them with humour. I feel it’s better to share these stories than just keep them locked in corners of my mind. The texts will be short, punchy, with a focus on a single intense moment. That’s why I chose this title, snapshot fables.

I will also use this blog as a repository of short videos where I will talk about the practical aspects of a journey, especially if it’s a destination for an off the beaten track holiday. It’s the first exercise for me that involves video-making, so be patient with me.

I hope you’ll find this blog inspirational.




  1. Radu Grigore · February 9, 2018

    Hi! It’s a little wird for me to write to you in English but this is the way your followers will get my message.
    I know your apetite for travelling and your inspiration when is to deliver a good story. On the one hand, memories are among the few things one can’t take away from us, on the other hand, a good experience is one of the first things we are happy to share. So, just “blog” us!



  2. Dana Ko · February 25, 2018

    Hey Kamy! Looking forward to read about your unique experiences. I know you will take us to the most extraordinary places and surprise us with your original live videos.
    Your bff,


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